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Services Offered


The focus of EMDR therapy is to resolve unprocessed traumatic memories in the brain.  Left unhealed, these memories result in feelings of being unsafe, beliefs of not being good enough, feeling deeply flawed, or even a sense of being to blame or in some way overly responsible. Some unprocessed traumas are experienced daily even if they happened years ago.  EMDR does not involve reliving or talking in detail about the issue, but rather focuses on stimulating your body's natural healing process and creating healthier and more supportive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  I utilize both traditional EMDR and EMDR Flash Technique to achieve optimum results.  EMDR Flash Technique allows for the processing of memories and traumas that may be too overwhelming to process with traditional EMDR.

Grief and Loss Counseling

Whether you are grieving the death of a partner, family member, friend or cherished pet, or if you are attempting to make sense of the loss of a job, a way of life, counseling can help you honor your losses and find purpose and meaning again. 

Individual Therapy

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, chronic sadness and depression, or feeling as though you are off track and that somehow your life doesn't "fit," therapy can provide a safe place for you to find your way, reconnect with yourself, and find the true self that you have been searching for.  

Thank you for understanding that I do not provide court ordered services.  I am also unable to provide letters or documentation for emotional support animals, Worker's Comp, or any type of litigation.

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